Plan for My Own Video

I plan on creating a political video on the issue of climate change.

I have an all-time favorite song by Radiohead, “Idioteque.” Thom Yorke, the frontman of the band, has been a climate change activist since the early 80’s. The buildup on the song, as well as it catalyst, powerful lyrics, and existential melodies will act as the perfect background to my call for change.

I have found a number of climate change denier interviews, as well as Trump himself denying the existence of human-caused climate change. I will start the video with that footage, while the song plays an instrumental build up. Once that tension breaks, I plan on showing footage and images of natural disasters caused by human change – everything from melting ice caps to dying oceans and coral reefs, to forest fires.

I want to end the video with an image of humanity coming together for the sake of our shared planet, to signal hope for the future, as long as we stop denying what is coming and is already happening.

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